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Welcome to my resource for traders who want to stop losing their money while learning how to trade. I can confidently tell you that I am one of the best technical analysts you will ever meet and I want you all to have the same knowledge that I have. The lessons below detail important concepts and techniques that I have learned to prevent yourself from losing. If you can do that, your only other option is to make money. The only thing you need to do to be successful at not losing all your money when you begin trading stocks is to read/watch all these lessons in order, and to watch them all the way through. Please enjoy all the free lessons listed below.

Why Do Most Traders Fail, For Real?


What Support & Resistance Are & Are Not


Using Trend Lines to Trade Stocks

Making A Trade Plan Using Support & Resistance


Why Only The Charts Matter, Nothing Else

hannah chart

How All Big Stock Market Losses Begin


Using Proper Position Sizes

money worth_0

Scaling In & Out Of Trades & Play w/ Houses Money


Using Level 2 to Trade Stocks


Scanning for Stocks at Night & Creating Watch Lists




Giving you everything you need to grow your trading abilities, all 100% FREE

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