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Welcome to my free resource for traders who want to stop losing their money while learning how to trade. This page will soon be completely filled up with articles & video lessons detailing everything I have learned about how to prevent yourself from losing. If you can do that, your only other option is to make money. The only thing you need to do to be successful at learning all my material is to read/watch all these lessons in order, and to watch them all the way through. You cannot make exceptions here. At the bottom of this page is a quick video about how to scan for stocks, which is one of my most common questions. Please enjoy all the free lessons listed below.
Welcome to Good Stock Trading Education
Why Do Most Traders Fail, For Real?
What Support & Resistance Are & Are Not
Using Trend Lines to Trade Stocks
Making A Trade Plan Using Support & Resistance
Why Only The Charts Matter, Nothing Else
How All Big Stock Market Losses Begin
Using Proper Position Sizes
Scaling In & Out Of Trades
Using Level 2 to Trade Stocks
Scanning for Stocks at Night & Creating Watch Lists

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